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Health benefits

Pet ownership has been proven to have a positive impact on lowering stress levels, lowering blood pressure, improving fitness through increased exercise, and boosting immunity levels.

Therapeutic benefits.

Talking or cuddling with your Cornish rex can help you deal with and recover from depression. They will listen to you and love you unconditionally. 


Your cornish rex will always be there for you. Nothing beats having your cat or dog curl up on your lap and snuggle in for a nap. This is a feeling of total unconditional love.

Bred for health first, beauty second, and show third


The Super Cornish Cats' residence is at Emily Rexes. We raise Cornish rex kittens for sale. it's impossible not to fall in love with our cats

Emily rexes A cattery in shawnee is a tiny, family-run establishment. With over 11 years of breeding cornish rex kittens for sale and CFA cat show expertise, we only provide the highest quality Cornish Rex kittens for sale, Cornish Rex cats, and Cornish Rex kittens. On occasion, we have retired adults and older kittens available for adoption. Our Cornish cats are pampered pets in our house, and our Cornish rex kittens are nurtured with a lot of love and care. We seek to build longterm connections with Cornish rex kittens for sale buyers. We offer breeder assistance for life through phone conversations, emails, our internet page, and information on our blog. Emily Rexes is more than a pastime for us; it is a way of life. We work as hard as we can.

our philosophy

Emily Rexes, like many great things, began with an ambitious notion. The concept was inspired by our ambition to produce a Cornish rex that would succeed simply as a family cat. a Cornish rex cat created to address the breed's many problems. This Cornish rex would be both utilitarian and beautiful. Our rex's health would be respected and prioritized above all else. We would fight to enhance the breed, rectifying the numerous bad mistakes made by uninformed breeders over the years that have damaged the breed as a whole.

Being a family cat, the Cornish Rex would need to be not only healthy but also loving and sociable, since it would be the utter delight of the entire family. This fundamental concept—creating a healthy, functional, and loving Cornish Rex cat—has led and pushed every decision we have ever made with our breeding program and is quite probably the finest way to define what an Emily Rexes truly is and what distinguishes us from the usual Cornish Rex.

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Age: 11 Weeks Old 

Sex: Female

Status : Available

Shots: Up-To-Date On All Shots.

cornish rex kittens for sale


Age: 11 Weeks Old 

Sex: male

Status : Available

Shots: Up-To-Date On All Shots.

black cornish rex


Age: 11 Weeks Old 

Sex: male

Status : AvailableOn

Shots: Up-To-Date All Shots.


The first Cornish Rex was born in 1950 in Cornwall, England, to a proud pair of cat parents. Nina Ennismore noticed a curly-coated orange and white male kitten named Kallibunker and connected with a geneticist to breed him back with his mother. Three kittens were born, one with straight fur and two with curly fur. Through selective mating with Burmese, Siamese, and British Shorthair cats, the breed was established and is now a well-loved part of the feline world.


The Cornish Rex is less prone to many illnesses and disorders than other purebred cats due to its varied ancestry. Congenital Hypotrichosis is a genetic condition that can result in baldness.

According to reports, many Cornish Rex cats live into their late teens, and some even live past 20years.


The Cornish Rex usually has a similar appetite, but don't mistake it for constant food. If their weight is not controlled, they can gain weight. Free-feeding meals on a schedule can simplify weight management. These cats benefit from premium cat food, but also enjoy treats of fruits and vegetables

You can give them to them as treats or as a delectable addition to their regular meals..

Experiencing life with a Cornish Rex Cat

A Cornish Rex is a lifetime commitment, according to Thorsteinson. They stop playing just to be with you and are very sociable and interactive

Cornish rex cats have an acrobatic, clownlike personality and are very intelligent and social. They sometimes exhibit demanding, vocal, and inistent behavior because they crave being near their people. They enjoy cuddling under blankets or with their favorite person because of their thin coats' warmth. A Cornish Rex cat might be the ideal choice if you're looking for a cat who will live to be with you because "that very quali y makes them too intense for some people,"according to Thorsteinson.They get along well with kids and other animals, including dogs,because they are such outgoing cats.Moreover, their personalities

Can we visit your cattery?

Yes! Any cattery that prevents you from visiting their breeding facilities, even during COVID, should be avoided.When a kitten is purchased,we extend an invitation to every adoptive family to visit or pick up their rex(after the first FVRCP vaccination, of course). Meeting the new adoptive families is something we enjoy. At one of the numerous ACFA and CFA championship cat shows we attend throughout the year, you are welcome to come say hello to us and our cats.


Our customers say about us
black cornish rex


I got my baby boy , Dobby,(3 months old). All I can say is how wonderful my Dobby is! Such a pleasure working with emilyrexes, so happy and healthy. He is my best friend. They eat , drink, sleep and always playing together.

cornish rex

Rosa Hague

Nico in Northern California Renna, Every day we celebrate our cornish rex kitten and we will always be grateful to you both, for bringing Nico to us. He is the love of our life! Denise and Michael

cornish rex cats for sale


In May 2021, we acquired Luna from emilyrexes. She is absolutely ideal. 

She is the ideal addition to our family, and we adore her. She is a true specimen. Excellent breeder; I heartily endorse.

cornish rex vs devon rex


When my husband got me “drey” on our anniversary i was shocked to what he looked like. Not in my wildest dream would i have ever imagine such a beautiful looking cornish rex kitten. Its been soo much joy . Thanks for helping my husband get the best love after him for me.

cornish rex vs devon rex


Calling all cat lovers!!!! Hands down the best breeder in  OKLA, I was so pleased with she work with my second cornish rex. Soon I’ll be going back for a third!! The disposition and quality of these kitten are really the best I’ve ever seen. The home is well clean and enough space for the kittens to play.

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Willy is very playful and love to be cuddled. He was shy when i just got him but after a couple of days he totally changed