Leave water (pre-boiled or bottled) and dry food out at all times.  You may use your preferred brand of Dry Food:  Blue Buffalo, Hills, Royal Canin.  Use the kitten version of the dry food and then later in the future use the adult version.  Never mix the dry food with the wet food. 

Wet food is given 3 times a day as the main meals.  We recommend to get a wide selection of different canned food in different flavors and from different brands.  This can include Royal canin, Sheba, Fancy Feast, Blue Buffalo, etc. 

As part of the 3 wet meals a day, Your kitten should be fed boiled chicken or fish. The boiled meat must become very soft once finished.   You would break it up a bit to make easier for the kitten to eat. 


Sometimes you can give your kitten sour cream (regular, not low fat).

The kitten will also want milk.  But you cannot give it cow milk.  So instead give goat milk. 


A kitten coming to a new home especially after flights could experience stress and loss of appetite.  And so it's necessary to have in your house some Gerber Baby Food with Meat.  Kittens love it very much and you should give it if you notice kitten isn't eating it's food.


To prevent stomach problem or if first symptoms show, please to every meal add any type of pro-biotics to the kitten's food.  You sprinkle it over the food enough so that you can see it.  I personally use FortiFlora.