Choosing Pickup or Delivery

Pickup or Delivery?

Congratulations!  You are soon to adopt a cornish rex kitten!  Adoption day will be a wonderful experience!  This page will help you with the process of choosing pickup or delivery.  

It is time to determine whether you would like to come to shawnee OK to pick up your new fur ball or whether you would prefer delivery service.

Let’s explore the options:


Pickup at our In-Home Cattery in shawnee


If you live within driving distance of Shawnee,OK,and would like to see our in home cattery, we will make an appointment for you once you purchase your kitten or pay half the reservation fee. Driving to Shawnee is typically the most costeffective option for persons living in Opelousas LA, Sabine Pass TX, Corinth MS, Cimarron NM, Lexington TN, Hannibal MO, Vicksburg MS, Bay City TX, Litchfield IL, Port Arthur TX, Eads CO, erman MS, Mamou LA, Yazoo City MS, and Roswell NM. A family from Kentucky went a camper trip a few years ago to pick up their kitty. 

Others have gone from Texas, Louisiana, and Colorado in pursuit of kittens.


Delivery in the Oklahoma cities

If you reside in Oklahoma and would like your kitten delivered to you, we would gladly drive to your location and bring your fluffy, cuddly kitten to you.We usually meet at a convenient location in each metro region depicted on the map below. However, if it is more convenient for you, we are happy to deliver to other areas.We can also make arrangements with you to meet at a place that is more convenient for you than those listed above. 

We will compute the cost for a specific place you specify and expect it to be roughly proportionate to travel distances, although this may be altered by other complicating variables.


Delivery Personally Via Air travel (in cabin carry-on)

If you prefer hand-carried in person delivery via air travel, please contact us.  We will work with you to schedule the flight to arrive at a date and time that are convenient for you.

We provide personal air delivery of kittens throughout the United States. Your adorable Cornish rex kitten will be handcarried on the plane (incabin) and personally delivered to you at any airport that offers commercial airline service. During the coldest winter months and the hottest summer months, this distribution technique may be required in specific regions. Because we provide constant care for your new kitten, hand-carrying a kitten through air travel allows you to adjust to airline cancellations and weather delays.

Probable Cost Range – $450 to $1,000+
The cost for this service will be determined by the flights, time required, lodging and perdiem arrangements that we make in coordination with you

TIPS: Discounted Delivery Cost – $150 to $200

If we are going to another part of the nation to visit friends and family, we may be able to provide significant reductions if you want us to hand-carry a new kitten to you on our flight. 

Some of our most popular locations are Washington, DC, Minneapolis, South Carolina, Arizona, Colorado, Utah, and California. 

The arrangements would have to meet our travel schedule, but if we can make them work, it will save you a lot of money.


Delivery Personally Via Air cargo (pet kennel)

The third option is air cargo shipping, which can deliver Cornish Rex kittens to you at any major airport in the United States. 

See this map to see where our Cornish kittens—many of which were air-shipped as cargo—now reside across the nation.

If you'd prefer to have your new cat delivered by air cargo shipping, get in touch with us, and we'll help you find the nearest airport that ships cats by air cargo.Probable Cost Range – $550 to $1,000+
The cost for this service will be determined by the travel arrangements that can be made and which options you would prefer.